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A tribute to two former bookkeepers who impacted American design & typography for all time.

Frederic W. Goudy designed over 100 typefaces, some of them among the best ever made. The New York Herald Tribune wrote that ‘the entire reading public is in Mr. Goudy’s debt.

Bertha M. Goudy, a self-taught book designer and compositor, was one of America’s pre-eminent woman graphic designers. Fred Goudy wrote that she ‘enabled me to attain a measure of success which I could not have achieved without her.

Please use this site to view their work, purchase the ‘best cuts’ of digital versions of Goudy fonts, and to learn more about and discuss their legacy.

This site was initially developed as a result of research conducted by Steve Matteson of Monotype Imaging, about various Goudy fonts. As part of our work on reviving some of Goudy’s treasures we have learned so much about Fred and Bertha that we wanted to share it with others. We have discovered a renewed sense of respect, admiration and also inspiration from the their work. We hope will become a place where we can celebrate their legacy and learn more.

SPECIAL THANKS - to David and Amelia at the Cary Collection at Rochester Institute of Technology.  


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